A young Mark Mann demonstrates his sexual prowess and his savvy deal making skills by cleverly navigating the local townsfolk.

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Sam Rothman’s first days in America reveal a family bond that will shape his success and his daughter’s early emotional trials. When Mark is rejected by Violette, he lands in the arms of a familiar friend.

Violette and Sydney’s marriage gets off to a rough start. Mark cleans up his image around town but his seductive ways finally catch up to him.

Violette is forced to face an undeniable truth. Mark finds relief from the rigors of respectability. To spur his business, Mark returns to the one man who respects him least.  

Mark finds a partner and starts his company.  An unexpected fight earns him respect.  Early success in the market attracts new investors and new pressures.  Methods of tapping natural resources take a disturbing turn.

Mark finds more than money at the bank.  Sydney and Violette are exiled in very different ways.  A failed negotiation yields unexpected results.  

Business thrives and new opportunities arise in Ohio. A new player arrives in NYC.  An inhumane operation reaches new depths in the Amazon.  

Violette and Mark reconnect in NYC. Sam and Mark unknowingly take on a new partner.  Sir Bruce proposes a dangerous challenge.  

Mark counters Sir Bruce’s offer with one condition. Violette and Mark find romance.  Flores entertains new guests in Iquitos and gets a welcomed surprise.

Unlikely alliances are made. A fraud leads Flores on a hunt. Sam reconsiders his will.

A gruesome discovery is made in Oro Blanco.  The captain assists Flores’ hunt.

Forced to witness the barbaric acts of Ruiz’s crew, Mark impulsively reacts with outrage.

Flores corners Mark in the deep Amazon. Heroes return home. Lovers await.  And a new conflict between businessmen is born.