At a young age, Mark is savvy enough to direct his lust in the direction of the town's most prosperous families, capitalizing on young ladies with social standings that can propel him up the social ladder.

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Mark Mann

Violette Rothman

 Sam Rothman

Elder, Ohio. Smalltown USA in it’s infancy. A Midwest rural town located on the outskirts of Akron, a city that will soon become the center of the Rubber industry.

New York City.  The commerce capital of America. Aristocratic families flourish as the country realizes it’s economic and industrial potential.

Iquitos, Peru. A small town of Spanish & European heritage set on the Amazon river.  A main entry point to the surrounding jungle where a transformative industrial resource is discovered.

Mark's parents were Seymour and Margaret Mann, hard working God-fearing Presbyterian Scottish-Irish. They worked a small farm outside the town of Elders for 3 generations.

Herbert Silver’s underwriting company (Herbert Silver & Company) prospered post Civil War. 

Leone Marucci's statement and bio.